About Us

We’re a little different. Red Ridge Jojoba’s story is about one single product – pure golden Australian jojoba oil. You could say that we know quite a bit about this remarkable plant and its oil. We grew it, lived it and breathed it, every day for 21 years.

I’m Jen Buster and my story is simple. Married to Dan, four children, real people who lived on a red sand ridge on a farm in Bourke in western NSW Australia. The year was 1994 and we decided to become involved with a new agricultural crop.

We started searching for a long term sustainable crop that would be suitable to our dry arid conditions. Why Jojoba? We were attracted to a plant that produced a seed that was remarkably unique. A seed that produced an oil that was so similar to the body’s own, that no other plant oil could make the same claim. A pure natural skin moisturiser, Australian jojoba grown on our own soil with our hands and by our effort. A decision was made. Ninety hectares of jojoba was planted and established on our farm. We decided ‘let’s put jojoba oil on the map’.

What does this mean for you? We are authentic. We know our product and personally use jojoba oil daily. All tips, jojoba facts, use and application of our Red Ridge Jojoba Oil are genuinely provided by us as former growers of 100% pure Australian jojoba.

I use the words ‘former growers’ as a decision was made in 2015 to move on from our farm in Bourke. We now reside in the Riverina town of Griffith NSW. Dan is still working the land. Red Ridge Jojoba continues.

Our Jojoba oil is now sourced from a small group of friends, a band of fellow Australian jojoba growers who are just as excited and knowledgeable about jojoba as we are.

Jumping into the world of jojoba was one of the best decisions we ever made. Questions, requests? Just ask. A phone call? Please do. A sample of pure Australian jojoba oil? Not a problem. We’re always here for you.