Skin Ritual

Red Ridge Jojoba Oil might be a product in a sea of many but by embracing this super oil as part of your daily beauty routine you will you find a skin care routine that is so simple. This really works. No superficial claims here. Inexpensive, a team player, a moisturiser that is rich, velvety and feels so good on the skin.

Not sure whether using an oil would work for you? This product truly offers a delivery system of moisture and hydration. Non-oily, leaves no residue. Nice and light, a little goes a long way.

• Try pure jojoba just on its own without any other moisturiser on top. This ‘is’ your moisturiser. One ingredient. One product.

• Suitable for all skins types especially those with the most sensitive skin.

• Make 100% pure Jojoba Oil your go-to daily facial moisturiser. 2-3 drops will completely set your skin up for the whole day.

• After applying, massage any excess into the hands, hair and nails.

• Shave with the bonus of a moisturising treatment as you go.

• Will not disturb makeup, connects perfectly with foundation, adding subtle moisture.

• Smooth a few drops through damp or dry hair to tame and condition.

• Keep by the bedside. Massage a few drops of pure jojoba oil into your cuticles and toes before jumping into bed.

• Gives considerable relief to dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, burns, chemotherapy treatment – all skin conditions that show characteristics of dryness and aggravation. Provides moisturising softness.

• Kind and gentle for baby’s tender skin. Massage your little one top to toe with pure Australian Jojoba oil.

Using Red Ridge Jojoba Oil will encourage you to approach skin care in a new natural way. Embrace jojoba as your simple all in one moisturising product.